***UPDATE - DECEMBER 1ST*** On December 1st the Norwegian Department of Climate and Energy made a decision to allow the culling of 12 #wolves outside the wolf zone – a decision originally set aside by the Oslo District Court just several weeks ago in order to ensure a full legal review of whether today´s wolf … Continue reading SAVE OUR WOLVES 🇳🇴 TWEETSTORM 


Tweet4Wolves Page Two: Stop H.J.Resolution 69 

This is a continuation of our first page of tweets to Stop #HJResolution69. If you have not sent off the first set of tweets they can be located here. Between the two sheets, we have 352 tweets. For ease of tweeting follow these instructions: Close your twitter window and open this post on your browser, do … Continue reading Tweet4Wolves Page Two: Stop H.J.Resolution 69 

Wyoming Grazing Allotments in Prime Wolf and Grizzly Habitat

Take a moment to comment against plans for the future of the massive grazing allotment complex, which is also prime wolf and grizzly habitat. The complex spans the entire Bridger-Teton National Forest from north to south, spills into the Gros Ventre River drainage, and is an environmental disaster.