Support H.B. 105 – Protect Denali Wolves 

Please take a moment of your time to reach out to State Senators in Alaska, urge them to support recently introduced legislation which would prohibit wolf hunting and trapping in two areas adjacent to Denali National Park and Preserve. House Bill 105 passed the House recently and will now be considered by the 20 members … Continue reading Support H.B. 105 – Protect Denali Wolves 


Ancient Forests, Wolves, Wildlife and The Wrangell Timber Sale 

Already wolf hunting is rife on Wrangell Island with "bag limits" of 5 wolves and portions of the island are subject to Alaska’s infamous "intensive predator management program" encouraging even further reduction of the wolf population.

Stop Old-Growth Logging on Prince of Wales | Save Alaska’s Island Wolf Habitat

Without ESA protection, the only long-term solution to the Prince of Wales wolves’ peril is to stop old-growth logging in the Tongass National Forest and to preserve the last remaining big trees that wolves and so many other animals need. Without an end to old-growth logging, no amount of hunting regulations, alone, can save the wolves.

Stand For Archipelago Wolves on POW

Conservationists and environmental groups have long sought Endangered Species Act protections for the wolves of the Alexander Archipelago. The fight over Tongass wolves goes back at least two decades. Secretary Sally Jewell of the Department of Interior is expected to make a decision regarding the endangered status of the Alexander Archipelago Wolves on Prince of Wales islands by the end of this year. Encourage ESA protection for this imperiled species with another email.

Emergency Tweetstorm: Save Denali Wolves

Tweetstorm for Denali National Park Wolves (Updated May/2016) Thankyou for your support. 1a. Wolf pop. has declined from 143 in 2007 to possibly below 48 in 2016. Reinstate emergency buffer zone #ProtectDenaliWolves  @AKGovBillWalker Tweet this 1b. Wolf pop. has declined from 143 in 2007 to possibly below 48 in 2016. Reinstate emergency buffer zone #ProtectDenaliWolves @DenaliNPS … Continue reading Emergency Tweetstorm: Save Denali Wolves