***UPDATE - DECEMBER 1ST*** On December 1st the Norwegian Department of Climate and Energy made a decision to allow the culling of 12 #wolves outside the wolf zone – a decision originally set aside by the Oslo District Court just several weeks ago in order to ensure a full legal review of whether today´s wolf … Continue reading SAVE OUR WOLVES 🇳🇴 TWEETSTORM 


No ESA Protection For Alexander Archipelago Wolves

The Department of Interiors' announcement that it will not provide Endangered Species Act protection to the Alexander Archipelago Wolves is a significant one for environmentalists as well as the timber industry in Southeast Alaska. Had the wolf been found worthy of listing, the listing process would have impacted timber sales throughout the Tongass National Forest. One cannot help but speculate that the logging industry swayed this decision.

Alaska’s Alexander Archipelago Wolves

The Tongass is one of the few old-growth temperate rainforests in the world and America’s largest national forest. Its towering stands of 700 year old trees provide vital habitat for bears, salmon, Sitka black-tailed deer, goshawks, and—importantly—the rare and dwindling Alexander Archipelago wolf. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently found that, because of excessive old-growth logging, this unique subspecies of wolf may warrant listing under the Endangered Species Act.